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Need to find a tack shop or feed store near you?
From John Lyons Horse Trainer Keith Hosman, offers nationwide, city-by-city listings of thousands of local saddleries, feed and tack outlets. Whether you ride English or western, whether you're in the market for new or used horse tack for sale, whether you're an avid competitor or the rider looking forward to her first lesson... you'll find a shop near you offering "all things equestrian" here in this online directory. Plus, every listing offers a link to personalized map and driving directions.

Or, do you want to save the gas and just buy from your home computer?
Then shop eBay here, from this site. Check out that listing in the left navigation bar: You'll find links to Australian, Endurance, English and Western saddles and tack as offered right now on eBay. It's just hard to beat the deals you'll find online at eBay. So, save the commute time and car wear & tear: Surf over to a select listing of saddles, pads, stirrups and "everything horse" as currently offered on eBay.


Training Stables / Overnight Stabling National Directory
Find boarding for horses, plus your local barn, facilities offering turnout and pasture for retiring horses, training stables, equestrian centers and farms at

DVM Directory: Ranch & Farm Vets Listed Coast-to-Coast
Get contact info, maps and driving directions to horse doctors and large animal vets near you at


See Your Local John Lyons Trainer at a glance!
To instantly see all certified John Lyons trainers on a U.S. map, visit my flagship site, You'll get contact information for each trainer with just a click. (Go to > Find a Trainer > then scroll down to the map link)

PS: You'll also find every accredited Richard Shrake and Pat Parelli trainer!


In the market for a terrific deal on your next horse trailer?
eBay sells loads of horse and stock trailers every day at really great prices — but can you track down one offered in your area? The perfect trailer isn't so perfect if you live in Washington state and the trailer is garaged in upstate New York! My sister site, lists out trailers currently offered on eBay — and each is located within a "reasonable driving distance" from where you live (usually under 250 miles).

Visit You'll see trailers listed by area, but also by:

- Horse Trailer Brands like Kiefer Built, Sooner, Sundowner, etc.

- Configuration, for example slant load vs gooseneck, or stock

- Size: two-horse vs. three-horse

- Tires, Jacks and Covers, Parts, (doors, latches, etc.), Accessories


Make Horses Quit Bucking
Equestrians, Here's How To Put An End To Bucking: Don't land in the emergency room the next time your horse bucks you off! It's dangerous - and you have got big problems if and when you look back to see your horse's back feet ABOVE his back end. Download this book for some help today!

- Download a file, print from your computer
- Learn, digest and practice at your own speed
- It's 5 days / 5 chapters
- Features the time-test techniques of John Lyons

Check out this excerpt from "Stop Bucking, An Online Study Course" written and offered by John Lyons Certified Trainer Keith Hosman:

"If your horse develops a rubber neck (simply throws his head way over to the left by your boot and leaves it there) resist the temptation to pull his head back with the opposite rein. Instead find an angle or amount of pressure with your left hand that does exert pressure on his mouth; move it way to the left or up in the air - whatever it takes to motivate him. In effect you’ll be saying 'Nice try, but I can move the reins and pull on ya anyway.' Be careful to feel for the horse softening - sometimes we start pulling so hard we don’t realize that the horse couldn’t relax even if he wanted to.

"Practice this serpentine often and progress to doing it at the lope. It’s a terrific way to relax the horse and dissolve resistance in the neck.

"Now, back to that 'Be Proactive' theme. The very next time you see your horse, I want you to do this: Put a halter, bridle and reins, whatever, on your horse and go out for a walk (with you on the ground). I want you to walk, staring at the horse’s ears until they prick up and he turns his head to look at something. That movement right there is what we’ve been waiting for. Memorize what it looks like from the safety of the ground. Walk some more and really lock in exactly the instant when your horse abruptly changes his focus to something 'over there.'"

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Horse Owners and Lovers : Get horse-training how-to (articles and tips) plus free training video clips, local trainers, clinic schedules for big-name trainers and great products (books, videos, reins) on my website,

DIY Training

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